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About You: Individuals

We're People People

As a private individual client of ATP, you have access to the same knowledge base and expertise that our Corporate clients enjoy.

We know how important your financial situation is to you and your future, and we will help you to manage it in whatever capacity your current needs indicate. This may be as simple as ensuring you get the very best tax return to which you are entitled, through to developing more sophisticated wealth creation strategies.

Because your accounting and taxation needs will change throughout your life, the ATP is perfectly positioned to help you at every stage. We want to partner with you for the long term, navigating often complex and changing taxation laws on you behalf, and helping you to:

  • Access every tax break to which you are entitled

  • Build your net worth by leveraging your capital

  • Ensure that your retirement plans are sound

  • Be financially sound at each stage of your life

At ATP, we are helping the people of Western Sydney with:


Accounting and bookkeeping

Business setup

Wealth creation



We invite you to call us today on 02 9166 4996 / 0414 254 020 or email ATP Tax Consultants

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