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Google Tools that Are Free and Great For Business

Here at ATP Tax Accountants, we know that our business clients understand the importance of having a website, as well as having a great accountant. But few realise that there are some free and easy-to-use tools available to help boost their online presence.

No longer just a search engine, Google has developed a variety of free online tools that provide useful data for online marketing and allow businesses to collaborate much faster on the Internet. Free tool such as Gmail, Google Maps, and AdWords help businesses reach their target markets and add value to their business.

Anyone with a website should consider using Google tools for growing their business. Here is a compilation of some of the best tools for Internet marketing and daily operational activities.

1. Google Search Console

Search Console is intended to help website owners monitor how their website performs in Google search results. In particular, Search Console can tell a site owner or administrator:

  • The queries or search words that caused a site to appear in search results;

  • The search words that generated more traffic to a website;

  • The websites or pages that have linked to their site.

In addition, Search Console lets the site owner:

Identify crawl issues and remove content that are not intended to appear in search results;

Find broken links and fix them for better website navigability;

Discover spam or malware issues; and

Identify and monitor content that generate the best search results.

2. Google Analytics

This free tool provides data that any business can use to analyze content, page views, and site traffic. It is also a valuable application that allows users to track social networking sites, flash, video and other applications.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online tool that allows any enterprise or company to have their office or store location, phone numbers, operating hours, and driving directions appear in search results and on Google Maps. This powerful tool can bring fast results upon listing.

4. Google Alerts

Stay updated on products, emerging trends, and on the competition by signing up certain keywords or queries on Google Alerts. This tool will automatically notify users of new content that mention specified keywords cross the web.

5. Google Trends

A tool that shows the hottest trends on the Internet, Google Trends provides important data used for search analysis, including related term searches.

Google continually develops automated tools that any business can add to their marketing arsenal. There are instructional videos that demonstrate their uses as well as marketing professionals that can set them up for you.

As business grows, having a tax and financial adviser by your side is also important. Our Western Sydney tax accountants at ATP Tax Accountants have been helping our clients to manage the financial challenges that accompany growth by providing them with the latest and most relevant financial advice.

We invite you to call us today on 1300 829 484 or email us at to arrange an appointment to discuss your tax and accounting issues.

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