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Individuals and Businesses

Australia’s taxation laws are constantly changing, and this creates both new challenges and opportunities for taxpayers. We know only too well that keeping up with these tax changes is time-consuming, and that it can place a heavy burden on those who are not tax professionals.

ATP offers a suite of taxation services to the people of Western Sydney – from private individuals to small and medium businesses. Our depth of knowledge of the Australian taxation system, its rules and regulations, allows us to confidently offer up-to-the-minute professional and personal assistance on all things taxation.

With our help you will:

  • Reduce and meet your tax obligations

  • Claim all tax concessions for which you are eligible

  • Avoid any late lodgement penalties

  • Be fully prepared for unexpected audits

Our services include:

Personal Taxation

  • Salary packaging

  • Executive taxation

  • Employment taxes

  • Expat tax services

  • Employee share plans

  • Trust and estate matters


  • Advisory on the GST treatment of your business activities, purchases, sales, and other transactions, in a way that will help you to meet your GST obligations, while at the same time manage your cash-flow. We can manage your BAS and Income Activity Statement returns and reviews.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

  • This tax is paid on any capital gain that is included in your annual income tax return. You are taxed, at your marginal rate, on your net capital gain, though it is not a separate tax, merely a component of your income tax. The tax professionals at ATP are diligent in ensuring that any capital gains and concessions are calculated accurately.

Corporate Taxation

  • Corporate tax consulting and management

  • Inbound and outbound investments

  • Corporate reconstructions, mergers and aquisitions

  • Due diligence reviews of tax compliance

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

  • If you are an employer who is providing fringe benefits to your employees, it is vital that you understand how to interpret FBT accurately and correctly. We understand all of the nuances surrounding FBT - the types of fringe benefits, who needs to pay FBT, and at what rate.

Payroll Tax

  • Payroll Tax is a State tax imposed by each Australian state and territory, and each has its own schedule. When contracted to do so,ATP will ensure that as one of our business clients in Western Sydney, you meet your payroll tax obligations.

Call us - without obligation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our Taxation Advisory services can be of benefit to you, and invite you to call ATP on 1300 829 484 to arrange a no obligation appointment. Alternatively, you can email ATP Tax Accountants.

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